This article's tone presupposes everyone knew how good Halo was when it came out. I remember very well that buying an Xbox was a huge risk because the PS2 was kicking ass at the time and it had GTA3. The Ouya doesn't have a killer app prior to release similarly to how NO console has ever had a killer app prior to… » 2/14/13 5:18pm 2/14/13 5:18pm

lots of them are educational. if you want to get better at a game, like a fighting game or a specific league of legends character you will watch a professional streamer play that character. » 2/06/13 4:30pm 2/06/13 4:30pm

Current Moment Bias is my worst one; I'm a terrible procrastinator. One interesting way I heard to combat this (through a lecture I heard it, possibly a TED talk) is to force yourself to live with the consequences of your 'present badness' for a whole week, for example, if you're trying to quit smoking and you have a… » 1/09/13 11:17am 1/09/13 11:17am